Evening Prayer EP will be released FEB 3, 2019 on all digital platforms-

Susie Suh’s most recent musical project is a year long project called Evening Prayer. Every first Sunday of the month a recording session/performance was broadcast to fans on Facebook and new versions of previously released material were performed by Susie and special guests.

The concept was to create an intimate experience and connection between performance guests and Susie whilst recording, as well as a place of solace and peaceful reflection for viewers.

“I wanted it to be easy for anyone watching to tune in from the comfort of their own living room.  I felt the need to create a safe haven right now, in these somewhat stressful and chaotic times.  We had people watching from all over the world, and I really just wanted to give back and also get back to the heart of why I do what I do.”

The genesis of this idea actually began based on an experience Susie had in high school, where every Tuesday night students would walk over to their school church and listen in darkness and candlelight to poetry and live music.  Non-religious in nature, it was however a time for weekly reflection and quietness, and a place where Susie performed some of her very first songs.

“The whole experience was incredibly healing, therapeutic, and felt very special.  It was pitch black except for a few candles.  No one said a word from the moment you walked in until the moment you walked out and it was dead silence except for the creaking of people sitting in the pews.  You knew it was over when the candles were blown out.  And I remember how magical it was to hear my voice echoing though the church walls.  I wanted to re-create that and also pay homage to where it all started, that time period where it was just me learning to play my guitar, sing and write songs.  That’s where it all began for me and where I fell in love with music.”

(Produced by Scott Campbell, performances include special guests pianist Randy Kerber, guitarist Joel Shearer, cellist Aristides Rivas, as well as solo acoustic performances by Susie.)